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Cover Your Shipment with Comprehensive Insurance

It is always advisable to get your parcel covered against the risk faced during the shipment through courier or cargo. That's why we provide our clients with two options for getting their parcel insured against any risk. One option is to obtain their own insurance and have the courier company cover the risk under the Freight on Value (F.O.V.) policy. The second option is for the client to choose Risk Coverage through the courier company, where the risk is covered by the Risk Charge policy. Thus giving no load to the customer.

This is a company provision that comes to the rescue for customers when the shipment is not insured by the consignor, thus making the transit risky. Customers can avail themselves of this benefit by paying the stipulated risk coverage charges. However, this is not insurance, as risk surcharge cover carries only a limited liability on the part of the company, subject to the terms and conditions laid out.

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