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Pay When the Package Arrives at Your Doorsteps

In case the shipper does not wish to give credit to its consignee, and the client wishes to pay only after the receipt of the shipment, our Draft On delivery (D.O.D) service takes care of the same. We collect a Demand Draft in the shipper's name and hand over the same to him. Thus paving a way for smooth e-Commerce.

E-commerce Courier Services On the base of today's market scenario, there is a lot of courier company’s demand for shipping and delivery of e-commerce consignment or packet to deliver to end customer at right time and the right place. Our IT system is made for e-commerce companies using courier services to deliver their packets and parcel to their customers.

We are providing COD mode and Prepaid mode to our E-Commerce clients. They can use our system for sending e-commerce consignment and packet. Through our management system which provides smooth pick-up and delivery of e-commerce packet.

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